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Teacup Mini Pigs for Sale

Order online ship anywhere!  Teacup mini pigs for sale. We offer some of the cutest teacup mini pigs in the United States!

Phone (253) 677-7585

 Shipping to the Lower 48

We offer some of the cutest Teacup Pigs in the United States!

Current Update

Go to our shop page to purchase your teacup mini pig today.  You can preorder yours today with a deposit.  Just let us know which litter or piglet you wish to have.

We always try to keep our shop page up to date with the Piglet’s we have available and each page includes what date they’re old enough for local pickup or the date they’re old enough to fly. If you have any questions about the next expected litter shoot us an email, a text or give us a call!

Shipping to the lower US is included in our pricing (Hawaii and Alaska are extra), and if you are available to visit and pick up your new piggy the shipping and handling charges will be deducted.

Mini Pigs For Sale Order Online Ship Anywhere

Welcome to Precious Teacup Mini Pigs

We are a small, family owned mini pig farm and love to welcome new people into our pig family!  We are located in Chehalis, WA but we love to meet new pig lovers all over the country as some of them become long distance pig friends.  If you are able to come visit we would love to meet you!  Customer service is our priority.  We want you to be a confident in your purchase with us as well your new mini pig.

A very important fact about teacup pigs is that “teacup” is a nickname for miniature pigs.  Teacup pigs do not stay tiny and fit in a teacup as adults.  Most photos you see of little pigs in teacups or other props are usually within a couple of weeks of life.

One of the most popular mini pig breeds is the Juliana.  Adult Juliana pigs grow to be between 35 – 55 pounds but are typically measured by height as a pig’s weight can range based of a heathy diet as well as how much exercise they get. On average the Juliana pig is 15 – 17 inches in height.

We raise teacup mini pigs (Juliana mix) here on our farm.  We measure our breading pigs at three years old and our tallest boar is 17 inches to the shoulder.  We welcome all of our customers to come out and visit our farm.  You can learn more about us and our farm on our About Us page.  We would love to answer any questions you may have and are available 24/7 to our customers.

Thank you for visiting our website!

Purchasing Precious Teacup Mini Pigs

We do a $300.00 non refundable hold deposits as well as a payment plan. Purchasing your new little piggy is as easy as clicking on its picture and adding it to your cart.

Every state has different requirements and we are more than happy to assist in finding out what it will  take to get your new addition Home.

If you are located outside Washington state please contact us via: phone (253) 677-7585                     email :  or FB Messenger.

We do recomend having your mini pig spayed/neutered this helps them maintain their size and mental happiness during adolescence when hormones could be running wild.

Once your piggy has been purchased it must be 8 weeks old before we can ship to you.

There is much to learn about these cute little piggies and we would love to help you out!  Please do your research and homework on these little piggies as there is work to be done as a responsible pet owner.  Pigs are a commitment, we want our customers to be happy with their new pet so we encourage customers to please do your homework and make sure that a mini pig is the right pet for you.

All sales are final, please understand that our mini pigs are not an impulse purchase.  These pigs are very potty trainable and make excellent pets if you take the time for your pig.  As many things in life, you will get out of it what you put into it.

Again, we have no problem answering any questions you may have for us. We enjoy meeting new people interested in teacup pigs, regardless if you purchase one of ours.

Teacup – Micro – Mini – Juliana Mix Pigs

All sales are final. No refunds: We guarantee our piglets general health for 30 days and lifetime for genetic issues and your piglet will be replaced if something unfortunate happens. However for any other reason there will be no refunds or replacements.

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