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Teacup Mini Pigs Frequently Asked Questions

Teacup Mini Pigs Frequently Asked Questions. We would love to answer any questions you may have. Come visit us at our farm!

We welcome all of our customers to come out and visit our farm.  You can learn more about us and our farm on our About Us page.

Q. What is a teacup pig?

A. The name “Teacup” refers to the size of the animal since they are miniature, and of course are the size of a teacup when they are babies. Teacup, mini, micro, pocket, and so on are all just nicknames for miniature pigs. Some breeders use different size descriptions as lingo for marketing.

There are pessimists out there that claim there is no such thing as the teacup pigs and that they are malnourished. The fact is, these pigs are small and extremely tiny when babies, however “teacup pigs” will grow to an adult size. They will not fit into a teacup for their entire life span.

Mini pigs generally will stay between the 35lbs and 70lbs weight bracket depending on the size of their parents (genetics) and diet. If you overfeed any animal, it will keep growing. Dogs for example also should be on a healthy diet and when overfed, they become unhealthy and over weight. Humans and animals are no different when it comes to eating a balanced diet.  However, you can’t state starving a pig will make it “mini” just like you can’t say if you starve an elephant it will be a mini elephant.  It will stay approximately the same height but will be very thin and unhealthy.

One of the most popular mini pig breeds is the Juliana.  Adult Juliana pigs grow to be between 35 – 55 pounds but are typically measured by height as a pig’s weight can range based of a heathy diet as well as how much exercise they get. On average the Juliana pig is 15 – 17 inches in height.

We raise teacup mini pigs (Juliana mix) here on our farm.  We measure our breading pigs at three years old and our tallest boar is 17 inches to the shoulder.

If you buy from another breeder make sure you ask for photos of the parents or go visit them!

Q. Do teacup pigs make good pets?

A. Teacup pigs are wonderful pets that have endless personality and have been great pets for many families all over. You must also know that owning a mini pig is a commitment. They are very cute but also require responsible pet owners. If you think that owning a pig consists of letting them run around without any attention paid to them or keep them locked in a kennel then they are not the pet for you.

Baby piggies can get scared and may bite when startled, not out of aggression. They don’t like an “in your face” approach. TIP: Try approaching your hand from the side or behind its head when petting them, and get them use to your hands on their face and snout. This will quickly eliminate any issues of biting. Give them time to get to know you by holding them in a blanket on the couch while watching TV or reading.

Q. Can teacup pigs be potty trained?

A. Potty training is usually a fairly simple task. You can start by frequently placing your piggy in its litter box or taking them outside where you would like them to go. Pigs love attention and will give you much joy if you have time to work with them on manners and boundaries.

Use a litter box that is very low to the ground, cutoff one side so its easy for them to get in and out, then fill it with pine shavings. Place some of their poop inside so they understand its not a bed and put a nice blanket else ware. It can get a little messy at first until they understand that it’s not a play pen but a poop pen.  This allows them to understand sleeping area and potty area. Today, our house pig daisy sleeps in the living room and goes outside to potty in the yard.

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