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Teacup Pigs Piggy Prepping

Teacup Pigs Piggy Prepping How to take good care of your precious teacup pig.  Below you will find some good information to get you started. Once you make your purchase, we will email you a piggie packet with more information. Also, whenever we find good YouTube videos we add them to our playlists on our YouTube channel.

Food Do’s & Don’ts

Diet is very important when it comes to teacup pigs.   Constant access to food is not good.   This is a major reason why skeptics claim that there is no such thing as teacup pigs (other than bad breeders selling large pigs as teacups).

We feed our pigs mazuri pig food. This is what most of our customers feed their pigs as well and there are youth, active adult, and elderly grades of food.  The back of each bag gives the feeding per portion for age and size. They are recommended to be fed 1-3% of their weight daily. If your pig is 5lbs. then it would be 8oz. of body weight. So, 1% will equal .80, which is just over 1/2 oz., 2% will equal 1.6oz. and 3% will equal 2.4 oz., divided between two meals a day.

We know this doesn’t sound much, but this is what scientists have declared a healthy pig diet so they are healthy and not overweight. On average, our pigs get half a cup in the morning and half a cup at night. The following snacks are ok; lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, raw squash and cabbage.  What NOT to feed your pig; NO chocolate, NO salt. Pigs are not salt tolerant and salt may cause seizures.

Healthy snacks are just fine, HEALTHY!  Did I say Healthy?  We cannot stress that enough.  Vegetables are considered healthy snacks, not table scraps.   Snacks are also to be given in moderation, so tilling a garden with your little buddy would not be great idea.  Pigs are no different than people or any other animal when it comes to a healthy diet.  If a person was to eat fast food every meal with ice cream and candy for desert that person would become extremely large.  There are unhappy people out there posting pictures of their obese teacup pig.  Many of these people are now on the war path to hate on teacup pigs.  I would like to know the diet they had their pigs on!

Just feed right and your pig will feel right.  Your teacup pig will be more active and live a happier life if you feed it properly.

Preventative Maintenance

Keeping a clean pet is keeping a clean home. Bathing your pig regularly is a good idea. We always rub our pigs down with lotion after their baths. I don’t know if that is a necessity but it makes them smell good and they are just down right spoiled. Q-tips work good for those hard to reach spots that need cleaned such as: around their eyes, ears and in the corners of their mouths. Bathing can be a chore with some of our pigs but they love being snuggled in a towel and blanket afterwards! Teacup pigs Love, Love, Love to be snuggled.

Pigs are actually very clean animals.  When our babies are still with their mamas, they are forced outside to go potty.  Mamma doesn’t put up with a messy house!  When potty trained you will see this in action.

Teacup pigs are no different than a big pig when it comes to getting into things.  These little oinkers have amazing noses and live off of them, literaly!  They can probably smell a mouse fart.  Pigs like to root and sniff around.   Our Bella loves to comb our carpet for anything she can find.  In saying that treat your floor as if you have a toddler running about.  You wouldn’t want your baby to eat something that could hurt them.  I’ve yet to see our Bella damage our carpet or rug by rubbing her nose around.  Cupboards can and will be opened if your little pig can reach the doors.  Child proofing your available cupboards to the pigs is a great idea.

Potty Training

Most of our teacup piggies will already be well on their way to being potty trained once they show up at their new home.  We keep our little babies up in the house while we ween them from their mamas.  We start this process between 4 and 5 weeks of age.  This is where they learn to use a litter box.  Some customers prefer to teach their piggies to go outside which is perfectly okay as well.

We tell many of our customers to keep their new baby pig in close quarters as we do at first. Let them know where their bed, potty area, and food and water is. Once they become proficient at potty training then let them have full reign. Stock up on blankets or even just a washable dog or cat bed. Blankets are handy at first just in case there is an accident.

Its a good idea to set up your place with an enclosed baby coral, a piece of plywood for the floor in case of accidents, a litter box filled with shavings, water and food bowl, and a crate with blankets.  When you are not playing with them they should stay in their coral in order for them to learn where to potty, eat and sleep.  At first, place each piggy in the litter box periodically so that they will be accustom to their potty area.

There will be accidents and that is why you place a plywood floor down.  Its a good idea to keep the litter box not all the way clean for a bit so they remember where to go.    It will be a new environment for the little guy so he/she will need to be reintroduced to their new potty spot.  If potty training outside is more your style, we advise that your little piggy is sent out often especially if he/she is caught going where he/she is not supposed to

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